Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Silom Hindu Temple

There is a very popular Hindu temple at the junction of Silom Road and Pan Road that is well worth visiting. It's called Sri Maha Mariamman Temple and is a very important Hindi Temple in Bangkok.This is where the annual Navaratri Festival takes place. This attracts tens of thousands of people and is one of Bangkok's most interesting and colorful festivals.

As you can see above, the temple entrance is very colorful. I've seen quite a few Thai celebrities visit this temple.

Above you can see the colorful flowers that are on sale outside the temple.

This is the view from the Silom Road side of the temple.

Crowds outside the temple for the Navaratri Festival.

Location: Junction of Silom Road & Pan Road

Nearest BTS: Surasak

Pan Road has five vegetarian restaurants, with A-Ma Vegetarian being one of my favorites.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

A-Ma Vegetarian Restaurant In Silom, Bangkok

Now that Herwin's Vegan Cafe has closed down, you'll need some new options for eating veggie food in Bangkok. One of the places I eat at quite regularly is A-Ma on Pan Road in Silom. It's just a few doors up from Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple.

The food here is very tasty, and they also serve brown rice. Prices start from around 30 baht, with the meal above costing around 70 baht (just over $2).

There is usually a choice of around 6-10 hot dishes, plus a range of fake meats.

The owners cook themselves and are also vegetarian.

Location: 9 Pan Road - Turn into Pan Road from Silom Road, and A-Ma will be about 50 meters in on your right hand side. It has lots of yellow vegetarian flags outside, so you can't miss it.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00 - closed weekends and holidays.

All those flags make it difficult to miss.

Above is near the end of the day. There is much, much more choice at lunchtime.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

OUT NOW : my new Pizza Recipe Fundraiser book

I finally finished my new book Vegan Pizzas NEW Flavors For Todays Pizza.

It is a modest 61 page book with  pizza recipes and general guidelines how to make a tasty vegan pizza. Making a tasty vegan pizza is basically different from making a regular non veg pizza.
This book is from 4 years experience baking vegan pizzas in a vegan restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a fundraiser cooking book ; with the sales of this recipe book i aim to get enough funds to start a new vegan cafe in Thailand.
This first edition is in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle. If i get enough positive responses i will make an extended second edition in full color paperback.

Support the book and a new vegan cafe and buy the pizza book !
The ebook costs 6.99 us$, please paypal to and it will send to you in a few days.

Read more about the book and see some pages on

Thanks !


Thursday, 19 September 2013


Herwin's Vegan Cafe has now closed, but there are still plenty of great vegan and vegetarian places to eat at in Bangkok. In fact, over 100 of them.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tokyo's Vegecate Visits Herwin's Vegan Cafe

Last month the owners of poshy poshy Tokyo's Omotesando vegan restaurant VEGECATE visited the Herwins Vegan Cafe and enjoyed a vegan meal.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wowy New Pizza !

Adios to Gourmet Vegan Cuisine, here is the McHerwin Pizza, the newest creation here in the vegan cafe, a Pizza loaded with French Fries, Hotdogs and Satay sauce !!!
Just how the kiddies like it !

The Hotdogs are actually, as you probably guessed, Soydogs, as vegan as vegan can be, and the french fries aren't tasteless precut supermarket french fries but we cut them from real potatoes after you order them.

This pizza tastes great especially with a beer or two. (we dont sell beer but bring one from the local 7-11.)
McHerwin _336x269.jpg" />
Pizza 245 Baht.

Update 23 February : we have created another terrible yummy pizza ; the Suki Yaki Chicken Pizza.
Don's ask, it's vegan of course !Not on the written menu yet, so just ask for it ! 195 Baht.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

NEW: Cupcakes !

Cupcakes are a kind of darling from the vegan bakery movement so to speak, especially since punk vegan celebertity chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz and fellow cook Romero dedicated a whole cooking book to these little cakes called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World.

Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) Cupcake.

Anyway, we here at the vegan cafe started to make cupcakes just for fun, and to eat of course. We were so pleasantly amazed how tasty they are and how creative one can be (and has to be) as a cook to make cupcakes. In short, cupcakes are just little food packages in which the cook can play with various tastes and ingredients to create a pleasant and amazing bite.

Almond Cupcake with whipped cream on top.

We offer cupcakes in various tastes, a minimum of 6 cupcakes, and ordered one day ahead. Great to eat here at the vegan cafe or as a gift for a special occasion, or even as "travel food".
We have "Lemon Poppy Seeds Cream Filled Cupcakes, "Almond Flavored Cream Filled & Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes", "Coconut Cupcakes" and "Matcha (Green Tea) Cream Filled Cupcakes".
Price: one box 6 pieces 270 Baht

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


The new menu for 2012 is finished. Our menu now offers 82 delicious vegan dishes, including ten vegan pizzas.
As always, our pizza dough is a delicate mix of regular flour and whole weat flour, giving it a good taste and still a light structure. NEW is that we ditched the bottle and started to make our own tomato paste for the base of our pizzas. Simple yet oh so more tasty than tomato paste from bottles.
Our NEW Pizzas are a veganised classic Pizza Margherita. A simple looking pizza, but so delicious with the fresh tomatoes, basil leaves, and round slices of silken tofu. Another new p'zza is the Holy Smokin Hummus Pizza, a taste bud rocker, and a Vegetarian Pizza, which is the more traditional veg pizza you get in all the non veg pizza chains, with fresh corn, brocoli, etc.

One new dish we make is already a hit in our own family and that is the veganised Spaghetti Carbonara. This classic Italian dish is originaly made with bacon, eggs, and cheese, pretty Uneatable for a vegan, but we replaced all the animal ingredients with yummy veganised counterparts, and IT WORKED !

Besides we also extended our Thai menu with some norh Tai dishes like Nam Prik Hed (spicy mushroom dip with vegetables) and a Mee Kati (thin noodles topped with a curry cocosmilk sauce) , got some new potato curries like Chickpea Potato Currie, have a few more salads like a Potato Garlic Salad, a new Pineapple Soyshake, and, well, we like to see you in the vegan cafe here and try our new menu for yourself!
See ya!

Monday, 5 December 2011

NEW: Roasted Sweet Bellpepper Hummus PIZZA

We at the cafe offer around 8 vegan pizza's. Our most succesfull Pizza is the ISA PIZZA, a delicious pizza with Non Dairy Ricotta Tofu Cheese, black olives, oyster mushrooms, and pesto basil sauce. The recipe is from the Vegan With A Vengeance Cooking book.

Since last week we have another PIZZA that is a tast bud rocker, the Roasted Sweet Bellpepper Hummus PIZZA. A simple looking pizza with homemade tomato paste base, topped with a hummus made of chickpeas and roasted sweet bellpeppers, giving it a natural smoky taste, and all of this topped with chunks of brocoli.
This pizza isn't on the printed menu yet, but already can be ordered.

Besides are regular pizza's, we also started serving thin crispy pizzas. If we can believe our customers, and we don't have any reason not to believe them, they are better than the Pizzas in Govindas, the popular vegetarian Italian joint in Sukumvit. And thats a compliment, because there pizzas truly are very good, although most are vegetarian (with cheese) and our pizzas are vegan.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Small & Delicious: Our New Pizzettas.

Our pizzettas are now for sale for an amazingly cheap price of 25 Baht. They come in various flavors such as "non dairy ricotta cheese", "corn & pineapple" and "mixed vegetables".

Pizetta UPDATE January 2021: The pizettas are not for sale anymore in our Vegan Cafe but are still available at special occasions such as catering.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Organic Athlete" visits Herwin's Vegan Cafe

Harley, a member of the organisation "Organic Athlete", visits the vegan cafe and orders four pizza's.

5 stars from Happy Cow

Eric Brent, founder of the vegetarian restaurant website Happy Cow visited the Herwin's Vegan Cafe this week. We received an offical Happy Cow sticker showing 5 stars and the text "Excellent Reviews Happy Cow".
Thanks to Eric for visiting us and thanks to our customers who gave us such a nice review on the Happy Cow website !